More Little Things

By Kristin

More pictures of the projects from yesterday, plus more from today.

The icebox now has a nifty new latch.


Now I don’t need to use the paint can opener anymore. The icebox is large and very well insulated. There are two gaskets on the lid and it fits in its spot snugly. We will get to test it out with real ice this week.

Yesterday Michael worked on the two galley drawers. Below those two drawers is a small bin. Due to the curve of the hull, there’s no room for a drawer, so our previous owner fashioned a bin that is meant to swing out from a hinge on the bottom. It also was missing its raised panel face.


Starting assembly.


And here are all three installed, with faceplates and handles. The hinge for the bin still needs to be located. See picture from last post for the before picture.


Big difference! The galley looks more finished and is more functional too!

Michael also mounted the boom for the stay sail.


We are just days away from heading out. Current plan is to leave on Wednesday. More to come!

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