S/V Elsa

Bio: We are Kristin and Michael, stewards of Elsa, our Ingrid 38. Currently, we live and work and sail around Puget Sound. Elsa is our vacation home, our hobby and our happy place.

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  1. Hi.

    I /we (Cai and) are bluewater vanabees and just working on geting our ingrid in the water.

    We have never sailed an ingrid. How do you like her? What version (atkin, blue water or Perry) of the ketch rig do you have?

    I took out Old cement steel ballast and replacement It with lead and 160 lbs concrete. Planning on a gaff ketch rig. Simple as possible.


    • Hello Cai,
      Glad you found us! We’ve been neglecting the blog, but we love our Ingrid! The skipper can tell you about the rig but I think it’s the blue water rig. Our previous owner put some hardware on the mast to put the Atkin rig on it, but we are not there yet.

      My husband would love to talk gaff rigs and simplicity! I’ll pass along your comment and your questions. What hull do you have? Are you around the Pacific Northwest? We are trying to gather the ingrids next fall if you’re in the area.

      Have you found the yahoo group and the Facebook group? The Ingrid community is a neat bunch of folks with tons of knowledge and input. Hope you can connect with others too!

      Keep us in mind if you have other questions! And would love to see your boat!

      Kristin and Michael Johnson.

      • Hi. S/v Elsa
        Cai and jackie here on s/v AtLast.

        Hull number is 77 if I remember right. Build 1977 and was called Chiang.

        She has a new deck now and I am working on new interior. It’s cold now and by shoulder is busted. I have no permit to use my shoulder by my doctor yet. So not much is happening.

        We would love to be part of an ingrid get together. We are now located 2200 ft above sea level close to Newman lake WA. Far from her real home.
        Hope to be in the water next autum.

        About the rig. I was planning to reduce her sail area somewhat to about 850 sqft. But add flying drifter for light wind sailing. Gaff ketch. Aiming for a 6 ft bow sprit with 3 fore sails like the original ingrid sailplane. Hank on fore sails and bowsprit traveler. With a small mizzen.

        Solid spar with Nordic style of gaffs. Using HDPE tube for mast hoops. They slide very easy and they allow you to adjust sail shape (camber).

        Served and parceled galvanized rig with hoops and mast cleats. Fore stays will be stainless steel because of sail hanks.

        My issues are that I can see on YouTube videos that most ingrids are heeling a lot and the rudder appears to compensate for strong weatherhelm.
        The result from sailplane and hull shape.


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